What is SEL?

What is SEL?
Posted on 01/16/2020
Mrs. Avila and the SEL Room
Have you ever heard of SEL? Maybe not unless you’re a guidance counselor like Skylar Avila. In addition to her role as a school counselor, Mrs. Avila currently advises the SEL (Social Emotional learning) room at Kreft Primary. In this classroom, students are able to do a variety of things in a friendly environment. The whole premise of this room is to help students make friends and be able to play activities they don’t know with people they may still be getting to know. I was actually able to sit in with one of their classes and get the experience for myself. I played a board game with a kindergartner, Silas. Out of everyone in the room, he asked me! He was so polite and respectful, especially when I won twice. After being able to play with the kids I went and found Mrs. Avila in her room. We conversed about the program and I asked her why she wanted to be a counselor for such a young age group? “There aren't a lot of schools like Kreft, where Kindergarten and first grade meet but I enjoy kids so I came here.” Mrs. Avila found pride in her work with these children. Ever since 2015, she has been providing a calm and loving atmosphere for all students that come in. There are some cases of having a piece of her heart cracked when she has to see her kids graduate to the second grade. “It is hard since we have only two years with them but Denise Johnson and Lauren Letizia are both counselors at Titan Hill and so if I ever want to check in on them I can easily give a call.” These children have a bright future ahead of them!
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To learn more about SEL is, visit the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) website: https://casel.org/what-is-sel/ Thank you to Jonathan Smith, a senior at LCHS, who wrote this article and took the pictures as part of the Internship Class taught by Mrs. Casey.
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