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Kreft Primary Preschool is located in Kreft Primary School, a part of the Lewis Central Community School District located at 3206 Renner Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa  51501.  The preschool consists of both half-day and full day programming. The preschool program is funded by the Iowa West Foundation, state and federal dollars, and the Lewis Central Community School District. Kreft Primary Preschool has been accredited by the National Accreditation for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) since 1995. NAEYC is a non-profit organization representing early childhood education.

Lewis Central Mission:

Inspiring Excellence!

Lewis Central Vision:

We develop passionate, innovative, adaptable learners prepared to embrace the challenges of the future and make a positive difference in their community.

Kreft Building Goals

Students will be engaged in learning. Students will engage in prosocial behavior.

Respectful Responsible Safe

Our school is a place where:

Each student will have a love of learning by participating in learning experiences which allow him/her to think critically, work with others, be curious about the world around them, have self-awareness, and solve problems.

Each teacher shares in the collective ability to positively impact students and themselves.  Collaborative teams and individuals use data-based decisions and best practices to engage the whole child which transforms learning for all.

Kreft Primary Preschool Mission Statement

Kreft Primary Preschool’s mission is to create a foundation that ensures each child develops skills and knowledge to become a life-long learner.

Kreft Primary Preschool Vision Statement

Kreft Primary Preschool’s vision is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where everyone is treated with respect and is actively engaged in learning.

Community Resources

Preschool teachers

Preschool Staff

Rebecca Bourrette


Jill Heller


Melissa Katzer

Office Clerk - PreK

Maureen Petri


Angela Smith


Sandra Williams