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TAG (Talented and Gifted) Program

Gifted and Talented/Kreft Program (TAG)

The Kreft Program provides extended learning opportunities for Kreft students at three levels:         

Inclusive (open to all students, interest based)
Selective (performance, invitation)
Highly Selective (performance, invitation only)


May include instructional support for teachers in differentiation, independent learning interest projects, or classroom differentiation. SELECTIVE PROGRAMMING Talent Pool The talent pool provides early enrichment for those students whose achievement is significantly above grade level. Students may participate in instruction groups differentiated to match their needs, interests
and abilities. The first graders will be cluster-grouped for reading and/or math
and served by a regular classroom teacher who differentiates the curriculum. Cluster Classrooms Identified students are placed in a cluster classroom where instructional support is provided to teachers in modifying instruction within the classroom. Students receive instruction in classrooms with like-ability peers. HIGHLY SELECTIVE
Highly selective programming addresses areas of exceptional academic strength.  Students whose performance on district standardized measures indicates that they are not only at the top of the grade level, but well beyond it, are invited to participate.  Sessions with the TAG strategist have a mathematical and linguistic base, giving students the opportunity to interact with content beyond that which is normally available in the classroom. Differentiated learning plans may be written.

For more information about the District TAG Plan regarding identification procedures and services offered to students click on the following link: LC District Plan